We have run annual customer satisfaction surveys amongst tenants since the middle of the 90s for many of the major property companies in Norway. This has provided a very solid comparison base called the Property Index. Companies can benchmark themselves against the best in the business. We have also provided market and customer surveys for a wide range of other players, and always tailor content to the customer’s needs. We always try to include internal correlations in our surveys, finding out which factor has greatest impact on the desired results. Our surveys are a tool for improving internal processes. Such improvements raise the organisation’s performance, providing value for the customer, increasing customer satisfaction that can be monitored by repeating the survey annually.

The kind of results we have sen:


  • Increased satisfaction for existing customers


  • Strengthened cusotmer relations


  • Retention and repeat business


  • Increased hit rate in acquiring new customers

If you would like to know more, please contact Gunnar Nordli on +47 90982327 or Tina Isnes on +47 95048613